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.. where everything we do is naturally heart-centered
"There are so many good things about the heart. However, knowing and talking about it are not enough. To gain all of its benefits, we have to use it properly.
By opening and using our heart in our daily lives, moreover, we can feel and enjoy this peace and calmness - so clearly - that our whole heart and our whole self are happy each moment." - Irmansyah Effendi, M.Sc (Founder, Natural Way of Living).

Heart is central to our human life here on earth, being key to health, peace, calmness, and true joy. Unfortunately, society has conditioned us to focus on developing and using the brain rather than our heart.  What keeps our physical heart beating is an invisible life-force energy which most of us are not even conscious of.  We have a spiritual heart which connects us to this amazing divine life-force, and the heart is the key to connecting with our divine origin, our True Source or Creator, regardless of race or religion.  

Our ability to connect with True Source (the Source of Unconditional Love and Light) will give us calmness, peace, everlasting happiness and joy. Sadly, many have lost this connection through a busy lifestyle, not to mention tremendous static noises from the continuous bombardment of negative thoughts and emotions.

We need to “open” our heart in order to connect with True Source. Further, our connection to True Source can be improved by a heart cleansed of negative energy resulting from negative thoughts and emotions.  We can achieve this via two completely natural programs or pathways:

 1.   Reiki Tummo®

 2.   Open Heart Meditation™

 3.   Secrets of Natural Healing Workshop - coming soon!

 4.   Other Workshops 

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Secret of Natural
Walking workshops


Introduction to Self-Healing with Reiki Tummo for Health and Happiness by Irmansyah Effendi


We would like to announce that anyone who joins this online free class or watch our YouTube Livestream recording completely from the beginning until the end (link are available here), afterward, you can join:

1. Free Self Healing practice 3x/week online practice in Indonesian and English that is organized by the Natural Way of Living Member Relations Team, registration: bit.ly/Registration_SH

2. Attend Special Reiki Tummo Level 1 special workshop with 50% discount (without attunement and self-healing lesson).

In this YouTube video, you will be received free Reiki Tummo Level 1 attunement + Self Healing with GM Irmansyah Effendi, you can directly channel Reiki Tummo Level 1 for self-healing once you had completed the whole video. 

on YouTube (in English translation): http://bit.ly/introRT

on YouTube (originally in Bahasa): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5uzknxedkU



Secret of Natural Walking(Level 1) Workshop