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About Us

We advocate and support a happy, calm, peaceful, and healthy lifestyle through daily natural heart-centered practices. 
To help interested people toward this goal, we organize workshops regularly in the relevant all-natural enabling techniques for these practices. Alumni of our programs are supported in these natural heart-centered practices via regular sharing and practice meet-ups.

Natural Way of Living provides universal and non-denominational programs for those who would like to be healthier, happier, more peaceful, and connected better to the Creator. To respect all religions, beliefs, and backgrounds, we choose the universal term “True Source” to refer to the Creator, God or Paramatman. You are welcome to use any terminology you feel most comfortable with.

Every human being is born with beautiful gifts from True Source: the beautiful Earth, our bodies, and our Spiritual Heart, which is the center of all beautiful feelings. These gifts are natural facilities given to ensure that every human lives a joyful and peaceful life. They are the sanctuaries within and around us. 

Many people know this instinctively but very few know how to access and make the best use of these sanctuaries. The busyness in our mind, stress, pressure, and burdens bury access to these facilities. Consequently, we create bad habits that lead to constant unhappiness and poor well-being.

Our everyday life is the real spiritual journey. Spirituality is not about becoming powerful, learning special skills or acquiring special abilities. The most important spiritual lesson we each need to learn is already custom designed in each of our lives. As we face the various challenges we go through in life, they are the very chances to reflect on ourselves, and make positive choices to follow our heart that brings us closer to True Source.

Natural Way of Living can help you to access these sanctuaries within and around you so you may tap into these natural facilities to help you lead happier and healthier lives and be closer to True Source.

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