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''Our Daily Life is our True Spiritual Journey."
(Irmansyah Effendi)

Our non-physical/spiritual heart (also referred to as “Heart”) is of utmost importance as Heart is the key to our connection with the Creator (the True Source of unconditional Love & Light), as well as to our health, calmness, peace, and happiness in our daily life. Heart also reflects all our good and bad deeds not only in the now but hereafter. Somewhere deep in our consciousness, we know the importance of using Heart in life. Unfortunately, we lack real knowledge of HOW to use it.
Heart can only be optimally used when it is open to the Creator.  We are able to receive the Creator’s blessings of good health, peace, calmness, and true joy only when our heart is open to the Creator as these beautiful blessings are bestowed by the Creator upon our heart.  A open heart also improves and deepens our relationship with the Creator, being the love channel in prayers and doing good deeds.
Each human being has a spirit, which is his/her true self as it is a spark of the Creator.  Because this spark is within our heart, our heart can be connected to the Creator and becomes the key to our connection to the Creator.
We need not be afraid to open our heart as there is no negative effect. By opening our heart to the Creator, negative emotions will also dissipate automatically. Heart is the center of gentle and sweet feeling and love, whereas emotions are centered in a different part of the human anatomy, at the solar plexus. The brain is the center of our thoughts, that also generates emotions from our five physical senses. The problem is we tend to accumulate negative emotions like anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, irritation, etc. in daily life. Every time we have a negative emotion, we are making our heart dirty. However, by opening our heart better, the negativities kept in our solar plexus will be cleansed.
We also know that Heart is the key to the truth. Heart can be touched only by us (we make it dirty by negative thoughts and emotions) and by the Creator (Who also blesses the heart with beautiful feeling and love). Because no other being can touch our heart, it cannot be manipulated; therefore, it is able to know the truth.  Only Inner Heart (as the core of the Heart) knows the ultimate truth. As such, we should be relying on our Inner Heart to guide and direct our daily life for the best results. Inner Heart can be used easily only after we have opened our heart and are able to go into our heart properly.
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