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   Open Heart™ Workshop Meditation

Open Heart Benefits

Unlike traditional meditation, Open Heart™ Meditation is a remarkably simple yet effective, heart-based practice that is centered on “feeling”.  Whereas traditional meditation techniques are focused on using the brain to ease brain activity via visualizations or breathing techniques, Open Heart™ Meditation practice is purely experiential. 


Open Heart™ Meditation is non-denominational and encourages respect for all religious beliefs. The practitioner rediscovers the importance of the Heart as the key to true peace and joy.  It has helped many people effectively diminish stress and heal on a deep internal level, enabling them to cope better emotionally and allowing the natural healing process to happen much faster. 

There are six levels in the Open Heart™  Program curriculum. There are all one-day practical and experiential workshops lead by a certified and experienced instructor.

Open Heart™ Workshop Level 1

Pre-requisite: None


The Level 1 Open Heart™ workshop is an introductory level program to help you connect to your Spiritual Heart and begin to feel True Source blessings within your Spiritual Heart. The workshop is experiential in nature and will guide you to understand and differentiate how the brain works compared to the Heart.


You will also be guided on how to reduce the domination of your brain by strengthening your Heart, enabling you to feel peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude in everyday life.

Participants have reported that the Level 1 Open Heart™  workshop has helped them:

  • Naturally and easily connect to the Spiritual Heart

  • Understand and experience the difference between the thoughts from their brain and feelings from their Heart

  • Strengthen the Spiritual Heart for greater feelings of peace and happiness and reduce stress, anxiety and pressures

  • Reduce the domination of the brain so that the mind can naturally be calmer for greater clarity

  • Experience the lightness and calmness from Opening their Heart

  • Experience and feel True Source’s Blessing from within their Heart

  • Enjoy their Heart  leading them through their daily life


Open Heart™  Workshop Level 2

Pre-requisite: Open Heart™ Level 1


The Level 2 Open Heart™ workshop is designed to further help you let go of problems, burdens, and negative emotions. Deepening your experience from Level 1, you will begin accessing your Heart for guidance.

Participants have reported that the Level 2 Open Heart™ workshop has helped them:

  • Let go of problems, burdens, and negative emotions

  • Reduce stress and anxieties while promoting overall well-being

  • Get truths and guidance from their Heart

  • Use their Heart to rely on True Source’s Love in their daily life

  • Improve the feeling within their Heart to support deeper meditation, prayer, and underpinning in daily life

  • Enjoy True Source’s Love on a deeper level

  • Enjoy deep heartfelt gratitude while being within the Love

  • Open their Heart more freely to True Source

  • Direct their Heart even better to True Source

  • Learn to trust True Source more by surrendering

Open Heart™  Workshop Level 3

Pre-requisite: Open Heart™  Level 2, or have joined at least 2 of the Mini Series level 3, they need to practice for 21 days after the last Mini Series level 3 before joining Open Heart™  level 3.


The Level 3 Open Heart workshop is a deeper level that is designed to open and cleanse the 7 major chakras within you. You will also be guided to begin interacting with others using your Heart within True Source Love.

Participants have reported that the Level 3 Open Heart™ workshop has helped them:

  • Cleanse their major chakras to further remove emotional burdens

  • Improve their relationship with others

  • Rely on True Source’s Love to pray to True Source from within their Heart 

  • Surrender problems and burdens from within their Heart

  • Cleanse and open their Heart further to True Source 

  • Realize how True Source’s Love works on the Earth and all beings on Earth

  • Begin to let True Source’s Love remove Heart limitations to help them move beyond their concepts and ideas of what is possible


Open Heart™ Workshop Level 4

Pre-requisite: Open Heart™ Level 3

The Level 4 Open Heart™  workshop will help guide you to learn how to do a healing meditation to cleanse your physical and non-physical being. You will experience the beauty of allowing your Heart and being to be within the direct Love connection to True Source.

Participants have reported that the Level 4 Open Heart™  workshop has helped them:

  • Let True Source’s Love help so that self-healing can improve their health and overall well-being

  • Interact with others from within the Love in their Heart to remain in the calmness and help those around them

  • Let their Heart become free without being blocked, to experience the Love radiating more freely and sweetly

  • Let True Source’s Love bring them into the Pure Love within their Heart to be helped and supported more deeply

  • Let True Source’s Love remove limitations on a deeper level so that the Love can work on their whole Heart and whole being

  • Surrender to True Source from within the Love in their Heart to let go of deeper burdens, limitations, and negativities


Open Heart™  Workshop Level 5

Pre-requisite: Open Heart™ Level 4


  • Let go of the brain’s and soul’s influence.

  • Let your Inner Heart become the director

  • Realize Real Truth using your Inner Heart


Open Heart™ Workshop Level 6

Pre-requisite: Open Heart™  Level 5


  • Realize True Source’s Blessing even more

  • Share True Source’s Love with others as an instrument of True Source, living your life with the realization that life is an opportunity to get closer to True Source.

Workshop Fees:
The workshop fees depend on your location. Please contact the coordinator at the
the email address provided in the particular workshop for further information.

The online workshop will be done through the Zoom program, and all participants have
to install this application on your computer.

Workshops inquiry please email:


Sharing of personal experience - Relieves Stress Effortlessly!

Since learning about the Heart, I look at everything differently. When my boys are upset, instead of getting so anxious, I smile at them and do everything I can to guide and remind them about their Hearts. As far as messes go, messes can be cleaned up. So much stress has been eliminated since opening my Heart, whatever stress I do feel now, touching my Heart and smiling for a few minutes takes care of it. (from Crystal Sanders, Homemaker / Mother of Two)

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