Reiki Tummo® Level 1 & 2 Online Workshops on 20-21 March 2021

We are grateful to announce our Reiki Tummo® Level 1 & 2 workshops in March.

Reiki Tummo® combines Reiki with Tummo (meaning Inner Fire or Kundalini). In Reiki Tummo® workshops, you will learn self-healing for yourself and others that will improve sleep, the immune system, and the spiritual heart connection to the Creator. You will also experience safe Kundalini awakening and gentle yet powerful healing energy for deep cleansing in your heart, mind, and body.

These programs are universal, non-denominational, and effective for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with True Source (the Creator). Everyone, starting from the age of five, is welcome to learn and enjoy their many benefits. Reiki Tummo can also serve as an adjunctive therapy that helps accelerate healing and improve overall well-being.

Reiki Tummo® Level 1 Workshop

​Date: 20 March 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Singapore time (UTC+8)

Pre-requisite: everyone can join

Reiki Tummo® Level 2 Workshop

​Date: 21 March 2021 (Sunday)

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Singapore time (UTC+8)

Pre-requisite: Reiki Tummo™ Level 1

Workshops will be conducted in English via Zoom online

Registration will be closed on 15 March 2021

For more information & registration: closed

More information about workshops & current event: click here


Reiki Tummo® Level 1 The Level 1 Reiki Tummo training workshop provides a simple beginning to deeper and more complete personal and spiritual programs. You will learn to start relying on True Source Love as the best and most effective source of healing energy for your health and emotional benefit. Participants have reported that the Level 1 Reiki Tummo training workshop has helped them:

Practice self-healing and channeling to improve the physical and emotional well being of themselves, their friends, family, and others

  • Sleep better

  • Improve their immune system

  • Relax their body and mind

  • Reduce their worries and anxieties, and help them be in a good mood more often

  • Cleanse their energy body, chakras, and energy channels, boosting their energy by at least 2-3 times

  • Connect them to their Heart to let the blessing of True Source work on them and their whole well being

Reiki Tummo® Level 2 The Level 2 Reiki Tummo training workshop will help you to instantly and safely awaken your Kundalini by allowing True Source Love to help cleanse the Sushumna, the path through which the Kundalini passes. This enables you to remove energy blockages within you so that your energy flows more freely and you will be able to channel energy better. You will also learn the next level of distant healing, sending energy forwards or backward in time. Participants have reported that the Level 2 Reiki Tummo training workshop has helped them:

  • With more advanced and deeper healing for themselves and others

  • Send energy forwards and backward in time

  • Help to improve the quality of their meditation

  • Boost energy level further after Kundalini awakening

  • Better connect their Spiritual Heart to True Source

  • Experience a deep cleansing in their Heart, mind, and body

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