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Reiki Tummo™  Program

offered by Natural Way of Living Singapore

                         Why Reiki Tummo is Special
The Synergy of Divine Energy and Kundalini Improves Your Health and Spirituality Effectively

For over two decades, more than twenty thousand people have experienced safe Kundalini awakening and gentle yet powerful healing energy from practicing Reiki Tummo®.

Reiki Tummo® is unique as it synergizes Divine (Reiki) and Kundalini (Tummo) energy. Reiki flowing from the top-down, combined with Tummo energy from the bottom up, cleanses blockages and negative emotions thoroughly, bringing calmness, peacefulness and happiness while accelerating spiritual growth. The spiritual heart, Sushumna, chakras, and main energy channels are opened to prepare us for a smooth and safe Kundalini awakening. 

Reiki Tummo® enables you to channel energy instantaneously for yourself and others, transcending time and distance. However, the ability to channel energy is simply the additional benefit of Reiki Tummo®. Its real uniqueness lies in opening the Spiritual Heart, the key to our connection with The Creator, the True Source of our true selves.

The real goal of Reiki Tummo® is to improve our spiritual growth in our everyday life – the kind of spirituality that is not about attaining special skills nor powers nor using mantras, symbols, or other techniques, but transforming our everyday life positively and improving our connection with True Source with an open heart.

Participants have reported that Reiki Tummo®:

  • Improves grounding to enhance mind clarity

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Promotes a good mood

  • Helps physical and emotional well being

  • Improves the immune system

  • Supports the recovery process

  • Boosts physical energy

  • Relaxes the mind and body 

  • Reduces worries and anxieties

  • Cleanses the energy body, chakras, and energy channels

  • Accelerates spiritual growth very rapidly

  • Enables a connection to the Heart that allows the blessing of True Source to work on them

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