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Reiki Tummo® Level 3A, Meditation & Kundalini Workshops Workshops 

Online, English
August 14 – 15, 2021
10 AM – 6 PM
Singapore Time
Instructor: Djoko Santosa

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Registration & payment deadline: August 12 2021

Any inquiry, email us: singapore.sg@naturalwayofliving.com

Mandarin translation is available upon request.


Reiki Tummo 3A:  Reiki Tummo Level 2 and has practiced for 3 consecutive weeks
Meditation & Kundalini: Reiki Tummo Level 2

Reiki Tummo® combines Reiki with Tummo (meaning Inner Fire or Kundalini). In Reiki Tummo® workshops, you will learn self-healing for yourself and others that will improve sleep, the immune system, and the spiritual heart connection to the Creator. You will also experience a safe Kundalini awakening and gentle yet powerful healing energy for deep cleansing in your heart, mind, and body.

These programs are universal, non-denominational, and effective for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with True Source (the Creator).  Reiki Tummo can also serve as an adjunctive therapy that helps accelerate healing and improve overall well-being.

Reiki Tummo Level 3A

The Level 3A Reiki Tummo training workshop takes you to the next level of energy channeling. You will learn not only how to channel healing energy together with others to larger groups of people directly or distantly, forwards and backward in time, but also cleanse your major chakras so that your Kundalini can reach the level of your heart chakra. As a bonus, you will receive the 8th Chakra attunement to accelerate your spiritual development.


In this workshop, you will be guided to do a kind of meditation that does not use concentration, breathing, or visualization techniques. In this meditation you will purely experience relaxation, calming your mind and your whole being from ‘busy-ness’; even the ‘busy-ness’ of meditating. Through this meditation, your pineal gland will be activated and your Spiritual Heart and feelings will be strengthened.


The purpose of this training workshop is to accelerate the cleansing and purifying of your chakras by allowing your Kundalini to work continuously 24/7 with simple techniques. The Kundalini energy is essential to ‘burn’ negative energies in your body and around the Spiritual Heart. When negative energies are removed, your Spiritual Heart will open better. 

Hope to see you in the coming workshops.

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Free Weekly Group Practice (according to the workshop level you have attended):

In a group, our connection improves, and our hearts learn from one another, so doing the same meditation in a group is many times more effective than practicing it alone. There are always senior alumni on hand to ask questions of and receive heart guidance from.