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Free Reiki Tummo Introduction on 24 Sep 2023, Sunday at 8:30PM via Zoom

Date: Sunday, 24th Sept 2023 via Zoom Time: 8.30 PM - 9.30 PM Singapore Time (UTC+8) TO RSVP WA: +65 93824104 Email:

The Level 1 Reiki Tummo training workshop provides a beginner with a simple program for deeper and more complete personal and spiritual growth. You will learn to rely on True Source Love as the best and most effective source of healing energy for your health and emotional benefit.

The Level 2 Reiki Tummo training workshop in Bangor will help you as a beginner to instantly and safely awaken your Kundalini by allowing True Source Love to help cleanse the Sushumna, the path through which the Kundalini passes. This enables you to remove energy blockages within you so that your energy flows more freely and you will be able to channel energy better. You will also learn the next level of distant healing, sending energy forward or backward in time.


Reiki Tummo Level 1: None Reiki Tummo Level 2: Level 1

Registration and workshop details:

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